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Happy Spring from Book Again!

As we continue to celebrate Book Again's 30th Anniversary, I have been reflecting on just how fortunate we've been – still at our original location for 30 years selling actual paper books! We're proud of this accomplishment, and are very grateful to each of you for your love of books and your continued support.

Recently, we've noticed that more and more fiction books are coming out in the larger "oversized" format. And so we've decided to lower the price of these oversized books to keep them closer to the price of the mass market editions. Hopefully this will ease the burden on your pocketbook and also help us keep our inventory refreshed. Check out these newly-priced oversized books in our Literature/Fiction, Mystery, and Historical Fiction sections.


From the Editor:
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Mysteries With a Touch of Humor
by Diana

I have just finished reading another wonderful Joan Hess mystery. This one centers around Claire Malloy, the owner of a small bookstore (remind you of anyone?). Claire has a sassy-mouthed, overly-dramatic teen daughter (are there any other kind?) and a detective boyfriend who does not appreciate it when Claire gets involved in his investigations (but he also cannot deny her wit and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to solving crimes).

This Agatha Award-winning author pens two different mystery series. Aside from The Claire Malloy Mysteries, Joan also writes about Arly Hanks, an irreverent young female police chief in the small town of Maggody, Arkansas, who handles her investigations with determination and humor (while assuring her male co-workers that being a female does not hinder her ability to get the job done).

This series is generally known as The Maggody Mysteries or The Arly Hanks Mysteries, and currently features 16 titles (The Claire Malloy Mysteries has 20 titles to date).

Joan's humor makes me literally laugh out loud, and her stories always contain a bevy of uniquely odd characters which you can't help but love.

While her books may not be quite the thing for the mystery purist, I would highly recommend them if you welcome a bit of light-heartedness in your stories.

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  Ham Sandwiches on Hawaiian Rolls
  • 2 packages of King's Hawaiian rolls (24)
  • 1 pound ham thinly sliced (I usually get honey ham)
  • 3/4 pound of Swiss cheese (thinly sliced)
  • 2 sticks butter
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 teaspoon poppy seeds

Spray the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan with Pam.
Cut rolls and place bottoms in pan.
Put on slices of ham (just pile it on) and Swiss cheese (I usually cut the cheese to make the pieces fit better).
Put the tops of the rolls on.
Melt the butter and add the brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce & poppy seeds and stir really well.
Pour the mixture over the sandwiches, cover and put in fridge overnight.

When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350° (I usually leave the sandwiches out for a while to take the chill off) and bake for 20 minutes (until the cheese is melted). I usually keep the foil loosely covering the sandwiches so the tops don't get burned. Just check them every so often. Be sure that if you cut the number of rolls down to 12 that you also halve all the other ingredients.


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"Cookies large and cookies small,
Made by Scouts both short and tall.
What's your order? Phone us quick,
So that we may do the trick.
Thirty cents is all we ask,
and we find it is no task
To deliver to your door,
Dozens -- one, two, three or more!"

It had been five years since an enterprising and imaginative Girls Scout troop in Oklahoma had decided to bald a bunch of cookies and sell them at the local high school to raise money. Now it was 1922, and someone at American Girl magazine (official magazine of the Girl Scouts), had an idea…

So they whipped up an article suggesting that all troops try this idea out -- the Girl Scouts were apparently always in need of funds, and selling cookies seemed a novel and not half bad solution.

To make it easier, they concocted the above verse, and even provided a recipe.) Naturally, the girls would be baking the things themselves – this was 1922, after all.)

One would mix a cup of butter and a cup of sugar into a cream, then add two well beaten eggs, 2 tablespoons each of milk and baking powder, two cups of flour and a teaspoon of vanilla, along with any additional favoring one felt brave enough to add.

One would then separate the results into thin cooke shapes and sprinkle sugar on top, and then toss them in the oven to bake. Now, they don't seem to have provided much information as to how hot or how long to bake the cookies, but again it was 1922, and that sort of thing was probably common knowledge in those primitive times when we actually fended frequently for ourselves.

The article worked, and for the next fourteen or so years sales grew, until the Scouts finally decided to license some companies to manufacture the cookies for them. By the early 1950's they had improved upon the original sugar cookies-only menu, adding Shortbread cookies ("Trefoils"), Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies (Do-Si-Dos), and the cookie that would soon become the most popular of them all: the glorious Thin Mint.

Innovations continued, and over the years there have been over fifty flavors that were introduced only to be quickly retired faster than you can say "New Coke." Who can forget "Cartwheels" or "Oxfords" or my personal favorite, the chocolate coated caramel wafer "Kookaburras"?

Happily, the three introduced at the dawn of the 50's are with us still, along with "Savannah Smiles," "Samoas," and the new "Rah Rah Raisins" (oatmeal cookies).

And as you must know by now, Clara is indeed a Scout, and has been selling these things for a few years now. It's a good thing. The girls learn all the obvious life-lessons, the Girl Scouts rake in the dough, and, most importantly, your humble columnist has a more than ample supply of peanut butter cookies and thin mints…

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am suddenly and unaccountably hungry. And Thank You Berry Much…

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""If you have never said 'Excuse me' to a parking meter or bashed your shins on a fireplug,
you are probably wasting too much valuable reading time."
—Sherri Chasin Calvo

We are located in Torrance, California, at 5039 Torrance Blvd.,
just west of Anza, between Shakey's Pizza and McDonald's restaurant.
Book Again is open 11am to 4pm (CLOSED MONDAYS) (310) 542-1156

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