Frequently Asked Questions:




How does your trade policy work?

We give 30% of the cover price in trade credit for paperback fiction in excellent condition and within 6 months of publication. We give 15% of the cover price for older paperbacks that we take to sell inside the store. This amount of trade credit is filed in a ledger under your last name and may be applied to the purchase of our books at their regular discounted prices. Credit may not be used for any of the special sale prices or for the outside budget books.

Do you buy books?

Yes, although we are very selective and give less than we give in credit. Recent paperbacks (within 6 months of publication) will be purchased at 20% of the cover price or 30% in trade credit. At times we will be low on books in a certain category and will pay 10% of the cover price for paperbacks in that category.

How are your books priced?

All books inside the store are priced inside the front cover. This price is usually 50% of the cover price or lower, with the exception that no book is priced below $1.50 in the store.

What are the books on the front patio?

These are our budget books and are always on sale: 15 for $3.00; 7 for $2.00; 4 for $1.50 or $.50 each.

What are your special sales?

Please refer to the SPECIALS page for complete information on our many sale days and discount programs!

Do you carry any books for children?

Yes, we have a large children's section with a wide variety of books available for all age groups. From.....Dr. Seuss to Goosebumps.....Babysitter's Club to Nancy Drew, and we're constantly receiving new titles every day!

Do you sell books online?

Unfortunately no, we do not sell books online. We entertained that idea, but there are so many books constantly coming in and out of our store, its hard to stay on top of it all, let alone keep an up-to-date inventory on our site. The SEARCH function to the left only searches the newsletter - it is not a book search (we don't have an online inventory).

However, we do offer our Book Again Request Service, where we will watch for up to 3 titles of your choosing for up to 3 months. If and when your book comes in, we will notify you and hold your book(s) for up to a week. Please ask us about this service during your next visit.