March/April 2006


"This is the first of what we hope to be a monthly newsletter. Our purpose is to make it informative, as well as fun. It's certainly been fun putting together this first one!

My oldest son Joe, who you may have seen working here back in March, has agreed to be our editor. His qualifications are excellent, as he edited all my papers through college a few years ago. He's agreed to fit the newsletter into his busy schedule of work & school on the condition that I let him write his own folklore column don't miss it, his interest is contagious."

With those words the tradition of the Book Again Newsletter began.

As I recall, it was November of 1985, and my brothers and I had assembled at my mother's for dinner. During the course of the meal, she announced that she planned to open a store of some sort, and asked us for ideas. I personally pushed for a used record store, but the winning concept was, as you well know, a used Book Store. Brother Mike and I volunteered to help set it up, and Mike further signed on as Store Manager.

On opening day all the brothers were there, helping out to an extent but mostly, I fear, just getting in each other's way. I believe Mom has proof of this on video.

At any rate, the store opened in March of 1986. Mom had been searching for a name for the store, and, mindful of a song I had once written called "Look Again," I jokingly suggested "Book Again."

She liked it.

And here we are — is it really twenty years later?

Mom had always been — shall we say — persuasive...

Her enthusiasm for certain things was generally contagious, especially, I think, for me, and one of her life long enthusiasms was of course for reading. She used to speak longingly about her childhood years, those days long ago when certain stores would actually rent new books, operating essentially as modern Video rental stores do today. She would frequently muse on the sadness that such stores no longer existed, and I truly believe that when she hit upon opening a used book store her intent was to operate in a manner not entirely dissimilar to those stores — where the avid and chronic reader (and aren't we all?) could pick up a bagload of books for a very affordable price, return another bagload for credit, and pick up yet another, etc.

Truly, Book Again is and has always been a store run by book lovers for book lovers!

I have been writing these columns for twenty years, and plan to for at least another twenty. It has been a continual delight to regale you all with such whimsy as I accidentally stumble upon, and of course any requests for future columns continue to be welcome!


Your son, .......