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January/February: The More Things Change Again

March/April: Just Plain Folk

May/June: Fairies (reprint from May, 1991)

July/Aug: Passing It On


January/February: A Century Past

March/April: If You Go Out to the Woods Tonight...

May/June: I Am Sent With Broom Before...

July/Aug: The Rest of the Garden

Sept/Oct: Change

Nov/Dec: O' Christmas Tree


January/February: On Location

March/April: The Eggs and I

May/June: Write Joe Write

July/Aug: The Hoosier

Sept/Oct: Who's Got My Halloween Column?

Nov/Dec: Ghosts Of...


January/February: Time Marches On -- And Marches, And Marches...

March/April: The Ravin' -- or Once on a 25th Anniversary

May/June: The Secret Garden

July/Aug: Books

Sept/Oct: Happy Who-o-o?

Nov/Dec: Stockings


January/February: A Second Christmas in January

March/April: The Dilemma of Spring

May/June: A Tale of the Rails

July/Aug: The House on the HIll

Sept/Oct: More Houses, A Different Hill

Nov/Dec: Interruptions


January/February: Christmas in January?

March/April: March Hares

May/June: The History of Book Again

July/Aug: A Declaration of Dependence

Sept/Oct: Arizona's Ghost Ranch Lodge

Nov/Dec: Another Tale for the Season


January/February: Mardi Gras

March/April: Some Irish Toasts

May/June: The Curse of Macbeth

July/Aug: Independence Day

Sept/Oct: Daddy's Girl

Nov/Dec: Christmas Books


January/February: The More Things Change...

March/April: The Smith O'Brien Rebellion

May/June: The Mother of All Folklore Columns

July/Aug: Another Summer

Sept/Oct: Daddy's First Halloween Column

Nov/Dec: The Nutcracker Story


January/February: Groundhog Day

March/April: 20 Years of Book Again

May/June: June Birthdays

July/Aug: John Drushel

Sept/Oct: Amityville Horror: A True Story?

Nov/Dec: Silly Joe


January/February: Fifty Years Ago

March/April: Saint Patrick

May/June: Unicorns

July/Aug: A Memory of Fire

Sept/Oct: A Mystery for Halloween

Nov/Dec: O Christmas Tree


January/February: It Was Forty Years Ago Today...

March/April: J. Sheridan Le Fanu

May/June: Mother's Day

July/Aug: (no column)

Sept/Oct: Halloween

Nov/Dec: Christmas Scrooge Song


January/February: (no column)

March/April: April Foolery

May/June: Folklore of the Sea: Mermaids

July/August: Independence Day

September: Two Uncles

October: Welcome Foolish Mortals

November/December: (see December 1998)


January/February: (see November 2000)

March/April: Top of the Newsletter III - Return of the Blarney

May - December: (no column)


January/February: Should Old Acquaintance . . .

March: Another Top of the Newsletter to yez...

April: Grim Moments With Mr. Lincoln

May/June: Floral Folklore

July/August: I Don't Care If I Never Get Back

September: The Biggest Kid on the Block

October: Yes, Virginia, There Is a Halloween Column

November/December: Thanks!


January: Happy 1900!

February: Charlie at the Bat

March/April: Apologies and Explanations

May/June: New Memories of an Ancient Past

July/August: A Column Saved Is a Column...

September: Gold in the Hills

October: True Tales of Terror

November: Wisdom from the Past

December: A Traditional Folkloric Christmas Column


January: Impeachment

February: Ancient Customs of February

March to May: (no column)

June: (see January 2001)

July: Independence Day

August: Horrors From Hollywood

September: The Phantom Ship of the Salton Sea

October: The Rare Kitsch Object

.............Ten Great Halloween Novels

.............Ten Great Halloween Short Stories

.............Ten Great Halloween Movies

.............Ten Great Halloween Television Moments

November: Roanoke: The Lost Colony

December: And No Folk Should Be Sad


January/February: Some Automotive Urban Legends

March: Top of the Newsletter to ye...

April: The Chimes

May/June: New England Tale

July/August: Tecumseh's Curse, JFK, and a Little Lennon Too

September/October: Shirley Jackson & the Haunting of Hill House

November: Another Thanksgiving Column

December: Christmas '98


January-August: (no column)

September: This Really Happened

October: Halloween History, Part 2

November: Thanksgiving Revisited

December: The Real Magic of Christmas

December: Christmas Songs

December: Aebleskiver Recipe

1995 - 1996 (no columns)


January/February: Mardi Gras

March/April: Another Collection of Ghost Stories

May-August: (no column)

September-December: Autumn


January-March: Seven

April-June: (missing)

July-October: (missing)

November/December: Christmas Spirits


January-March: (see Jan/Feb 1998)

April-June: (missing)

July-September: (missing)

October-December: (missing)


January/February: (see Feb 1999)

March/April: Jesse James

May/June: Fairies

(no columns for the rest of this year)


January/February: (see September 1999)

March/April: (no column)

May/June: (see May 2003)

July/October: (missing)

November/December: Yet Another Christmas Tale


January/February: (no column)

March/April: (see May 2001)

May/June: (see May 2001)

July/August: (no column)

September/October - November/December: The Gold Country Ghost


January/February: (see April 2001)

March/April: (see April 2003)

May/June: (see July 1999)

July: (see July/August 2000)

August: (see May/June 1998)

September: (no column)

October: A Halloween Story

November: (missing)

December: Origins of Christmas - Part 2


January/February: (see Feb 1999)

March: (see March 1998)

April: Rites of Spring

May: A Royal Progress

June/July: Unicorns & Illuminati

August/September: They Walk in Long Beach

October: (see April 1998)

November: (see November 1999)

December: A Christmas Story


October: Halloween in History

November: (see November 1998)

December: Christmas

Bonus: Jeremy's Christmas (a Tale for Children)